DDoS Attacks Are Not Just For Frontend Websites


A new report by Kaspersky Lab, DDoS attacks are affecting not just front end websites but also internal web services.  According to the press release, “a quarter said their file servers had been affected and 15% said their operational systems had been hit. Another 15% said a DDoS attack impacted overall ISP network connectivity.”  Manufacturing on the other hand is at the most risk where DDoS attacks have taken file servers offline.  Furthermore, transportation and government organizations faced network connectivity issues from the attacks.

According to Evgeny Vigovsky, “DDoS hits can reach deep into a company’s internal systems. And it doesn’t matter how small the company is, or whether or not it has a website: if you’re online, you’re a potential target. Unprotected operational systems are just as vulnerable to a DDoS attack as the external website, and any disruption can stop a business in its tracks”.

A lot of DDoS attackers will use port scanners to scan and map the network of the website.  For example, by scanning a network and finding the main router IP, the attackers can bring down the whole network by focusing entirely on the router IP address.  This can be problematic for ISP and cloud providers who host their core routers on the public IP.  ISP don’t advertise their router IP’s but by scanning and mapping the network, one can come close to guessing the IP ranges of the router.

DDoS attackers are also going after portals and backend systems instead of frontend.  For example, by simply attacking the login system or file system, the attack can be focused on a single IP address and avoid the CDN protection that can absorb large amount of attack.  Most backend systems are not utilizing CDN, thus preventing the benefits for CDN from being utilized.  By focusing on the infrastructure, DDoS attack can end up costing a lot of money for businesses.  According to a report, brand reputation due to a security incident can end up costing around $200,000 for enterprise and $8000 for small business.

The battle between DDoS protection service provider like Psychz, Staminus and DDoS attackers will continue to go on and the attacks will evolve.  According to the report, “In 2015, one in six (16%) companies worldwide suffered a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, rising to a quarter of enterprises”.  Keeping this mind, DDoS protection is no longer just for big corporation but it ends up impacting every business or service that is available online.  Service providers can no longer just sit and just ride the DDoS attack until it’s over.  The downtime alone can end up costing in millions.



Dridex Admin Arrested

dridex-malwareFederal prosecutors say a complex malware program made to steal banking and other qualifications from infected computers has been interrupted and charges are filed against a Moldovan administrator of the botnet known as, “Bugat,” “Cridex” or “Dridex.”  Activities taken by the U.K. and the U.S. greatly interrupted the botnet.

Andrey Ghinkul, 30, of Moldova, was charged in a nine-count indictment with criminal conspiracy, unauthorized computer access with intention to defraud, damaging bank fraud, wire fraud and a computer. Ghinkul was detained on Aug. 28, 2015 in Cyprus. His extradition is being sought by america.

“The measures announced today are another example of our international and progressive way of fighting cybercrime,” said Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell. “The Bugat/Dridex botnet, run by criminals in Moldova and elsewhere, hurt American citizens and things. With our associates here and abroad, we’ll shut down these cross border criminal systems.”

As stated by the indictment, Ghinkul was portion of a criminal conspiracy that disseminated Bugat, which is a multifunction malware program that automates the larceny of private personal and fiscal data , including online banking qualifications, from infected computers throughout using keystroke logging and internet injects.

It’s usually distributed through “phishing,” an e-mail fraud system where valid-looking e-mails are distributed to casualties in an effort to acquire private or financial advice. Bugat is made specifically to get the better of other protective measures used by victims and antivirus. The FBI estimates at least $10 million in direct reduction domestically could be credited to Bugat.

Casualties of Bugat/Dridex may use the following webpage made by US CERT for help in removing the malware: https://www.us-cert.gov/dridex.

Firms Are Running Hadoop Data Through The Means Of Cloud Computing

1000px-Hadoop_logo.svgFor the firms dabbling with the data analytics framework of Hadoop, on the premises is commonly their chosen course. New research suggests that it might be the right time of wanting Hadoop in the cloud.
The so-called market for Hadoop is estimated to grow to about $1.6 billion by the year 2020, according to the Allied Market Research report. Whilst the exact size of the market is difficult to measure, increasing acceptance among the CIOs of cloud computing that the expansion route is headed in the correct direction.

Hadoop software is an open source of the framework for storing and processing mega amounts of the business data. It breaks data in convenient chunks that the programmers can then format, move in a relatable database and then visualize or study.

At this particular point, the clients that run Hadoop in the cloud are almost restricted to web or cloud first companies, gaming firms, social media firms and other firms with changeable needs of data processing. The allied report said, “This technology has not yet entered in the commercial mainstream market.”

The precise meaning of Hadoop as a Service is yet being figured out and is likely to be the topic of debate for a while. The allied defined it as “a technique of utilizing the technology of Hadoop devoid of setting up of the infrastructure on location.” Cloud based solutions are the new age solutions that can help immensely in the storage of this form of data.

This is inclusive of what the research companies call it as ‘run it’ contributions such as Amazon’s web services flexible map-reduce that allows the companies to swiftly move data in the cloud for dispensation devoid of having to download the software of Hadoop. In this particular case, Amazon’s cloud starts the analysis, although the firms are responsible for handling other activities and jobs that are linked with the operations of Hadoop.
Hadoop in cloud computing could fundamentally eliminate the resources and time needed to finish a complex installation of Hadoop on location. However, said that, there are problems around the reliability and security that yet needs to be addressed to.

The former CTO of Yahoo Inc, Mr. Stata said, “The concerns regarding cloud is higher for Hadoop.” Mr. Huedecker from Gartner’s further added to it that the vendors of Hadoop are creating acquisitions in the security space. However, simply because this space is in the initial stages, that narrative is yet being fleshed out.

Randell Kwan becomes the Senior IT Director as stated by Vodien

On the 4th of July, 2014 Vodien which is an award winning web hosting service provider in Singapore names the senior IT director and it is none other than Randell Kwan. Vodien being one of the top notch organizations in offering professional level web hosting solutions announces the senior IT Director as Randell Kwan who will be responsible to lead the Information Technology department in this world class organization. This world recognized company Vodien offers various services to its client companies such as primary web hosting along with registration of the domain name, committed server hosting as well as cloud hosting services.

From now on Randell Kwan will be liable as well as accountable for the strategic as well as the executive decisions of the information technology department of Vodien. He is in charge of the various responsibilities such as upgrades of both hardware and software, the network engineering strategies of the company, management of the vendor, quality assurance and the other daily operations of the company.

According to the CEO Bill Poh of this well established company Vodien, Ramdell Kwan skill and expert directions will create a strategic vision and the sooner that vision is accomplished it will provide a huge upliftment in the position of this company Vodien as the tech leader of new and more advanced standards.

The whole idea of Vodien is to innovate and at the same time improve the digital presence and existence of the people around the world and keeping in mind this mission of Vodien Randell Kwan’s leadership qualities and professional experience will boost up the technological growth of the company and provide this company a out-of-this-word gateway to become the world leader in the information technology operations.

Vodien is a company which strives to get the best professionals to work for the company as it is one of the largest organizations. Mr Randell Kwan has a great amount of experience in this IT sector of the company. For 8 years he worked as a part of IT administration, software development, and web hosting solutions along with daily on-going business operations. Even before joining Vodien he was the IT Project Manager in a locally based IT company and in that company also his work related to planning the strategies and allocating the needed resources for IT projects which are cross-functional along with making the deliveries of assigned projects on time.

Web Hosting Company Demonstrates A ‘Slow’ Future For Web

Net neutrality, also known as Internet neutrality or network neutrality, is a principle that essentially protects data on the Internet. All data on the Internet should be treated equally by governments and Internet service providers, states the principle, without discriminating or charging differentially by content, users, platform, site, application, equipment and/or modes of communication.

Net neutrality is considered an important principle of maintaining an open Internet. In recent times, however, net neutrality is a topic of debate, regarding how Internet service providers may choose to regulate their services for consumers.

‘Extra cash for faster access’

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposed ‘revision’ of the net neutrality introduced the concept of the ‘fast lane provision.’ The fast lane provision would allow ISPs to charge extra money for consumers to take advantage of faster Internet speeds. Despite the confidence of the provision, many Internet users oppose the restrictions that ISPs may place on their Internet service, should the provision be implemented in the future.

A web hosting company, NeoCities, put this ‘fast lane provision’ to the test in their own protest against the net neutrality provision.

Kyle Drake, the creator of NeoCities, tried an experiment of his own. He took the FCC’s internal IP address range, effectively slowing access to his website via the commission. The connections that came in from the FCC were slowed to as much as 28.8Kbps, considered slower than dial-up speeds from over 15 years ago.

‘The future of the US Internet’

Drake’s experiment was ultimately a demonstration of what could happen to the web across the United States, and anyone accessing it from outside the country.

‘Since the FCC seems to have no problem with this idea, I’ve gotten access to [the FCC’s] internal IP block, and throttled all connections [from them] to 28.8Kbps modem speeds on the Neocities.org front site,’ said Drake, earlier this month.

He also said that he’s ‘not removing the experiment until the FCC pays them for the bandwidth they’ve wasted.’ As with many other people who oppose opponents of net neutrality, many want to take a stand in order to protect the Internet (within the United States) from succumbing to slow speeds and hyper-regulation.

Although the protest is on a small scale, it’s one of many protests happening across the web. Drake even encouraged other webmasters to take part in his experiment, and even uploaded the code to GitHub for others to access.